Our mantra is safety first and to provide a best in class service. Our professional and diligent approach provides our customers with the confidence needed to operate safely in the complex and highly regulated air environment.




Emma O'Sullivan

Gavin Wishart

Gavin is a Chartered Aerospace Engineer & Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. As an aircraft engineering officer in the RAF he worked on fast-Jet and ISTAR platforms, led T&E across all air systems & supported deployed operations. In a consultancy capacity, he has led numerous aviation safety and airworthiness programmes. In the drone domain, Gavin is a commercial remote pilot, with some 150 hrs of fixed wing operating experience. He conducts practical flight assessments on behalf of ASG and helps clients develop compelling operational safety cases using market leading tools and techniques.

Adrian Geal

Adrian has a wealth of experience in both the military and defence aviation industry. His early career started as a military pilot as well as lead roles in soldier and officer training. He gained further aviation and consultancy experience working as a defence contractor within the Apache Project Team before joining a leading UK defence company as a programme manager and within international marketing. After a successful industry career he was recruited to join a consultancy company, soon becoming a director providing contractor and consultancy support across the defence industry, and to the UK MOD and Home Office. Other than technical and business consultancy support, he co-ordinates all ASG's UAS/Drone training and is the primary interface for the company with the CAA.

Ian Punton

After working as a Royal Navy Officer within the Fleet Air Arm for over 20 years Ian has spent the last 10 years working in a number of interesting roles within several Government Departments and within defence aviation industry. His early career included appointments as an air engineer officer on an operational Sea Harrier Squadron, as a technical instructor of RN Artificers and as an Engineer Authority for several equipment types at Yeovilton. His later career saw him manage a number of large complex procurement and in service support projects across several Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft types. Following his retirement from the RN Ian has provided technical and project / programme management and acquisition support across several aircraft types including Lightning II, Islander / Defender, Airseeker and Chinook before joining a consultancy company as its Technical Director. In addition to acting as ASG’s Technical Director, Ian also plays a key part in establishing ASG as a leading consultancy supplier to several Military and Civil Industry customers.

Chad Johnson

Chad is a current commercial and military qualified remote pilot, instructor and flight assessor. After a successful career in the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm, where he was dual qualified as both a helicopter pilot and air engineer officer, he became a consultant bridging the divide between Operations and Engineering. Highly experienced in Operating Safety Case analysis, Release to Service, Ship Air Interface and Operational Duty Holder assessment, he is also a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. As the ASG Operations Director, Chad is responsible for delivering safe and efficient Flying Operations.

Tom Martin

Tom is a highly qualified helicopter pilot with 35 years of military and civilian flying experience, the last 22 years of which were flown commercially as a police and air ambulance pilot. Tom joined the Army in 1979 and learned to fly in the Army Air Corps, primarily flying Gazelle and Lynx Mk7 helicopters, across all three services; with the last 10 years of his military flying as a qualified helicopter instructor. He left the Services in 1997 to transition as a CAA commercial pilot with type ratings on the BO 105, MD 902 Explorer and the EC135. For 21 years Tom was also a Line Training Captain, where he was able to impart his considerable operational aviation experience, not only to other pilots, but also to emergency services flight crews. Tom is also a qualified remote pilot, flight instructor and examiner. With 30 years of teaching in aviation behind him, Tom has a detailed understanding and knowledge of the ground school subjects required to help you become a commercial UK drone operator. Tom will be able to comfortably steer you through the ground school phase and assessment.