ASG Team with Witchcraft Consulting to provide Drone Vulnerability Assessments

Drone Vulnerability Assessments

ASG has teamed with Witchcraft Consulting to help develop robust Drone Vulnerability Assessments that include both risk assessments and security staff training. Whilst Gatwick Airport is the latest high profile target to be disrupted by drones this isĀ  not the first case – in 2016, the Dubai International Airport closed three times due to drones flying nearby which delayed and rerouted flights, costing millions of dollars.

For over a year Witchcraft, acting independent of any specific product, have been developing Vulnerability Assessments for high profile clients (airports, festivals, sensitive sites) to help manage the risk and appropriate responses to any drone activity be it for accidental, criminal or terrorist attack use. This focuses on simple, memorable responses that use existing security protocols wherever possible and introduce new, robust plans where necessary. Assessments will include technical recommendations to enable Customers to decide what is appropriate for their situation.

For more information please contact Witchcraft Consulting.