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ASG runs a number of Training Courses suited to all types of background and experience. These are for newcomers to the drone world wanting some initial ground school knowledge and flight training, or for experienced drone operators wanting to enhance a particular skill such as aerial photography or survey. All our instructors are professional aviators with civil, military and current drone experience providing a first class training environment. Aviation Systems Group are a CAA approved National Qualified Entity (NQE).




Industry Predictions

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence Take the Stage

Automation of flight and analysis kicks into high gear, the frequency of data collection will increase, which will require solutions that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Drones become a topic of mainstream education

As the UK and worldwide drone industry grows and attracts thousands of job opportunities so mainstream education will provide drone specific courses that educate and qualify school-leavers. These include not only engineering courses but creative arts where the third dimension becomes easily accessible.

Companies train their own Drone Pilots

There is already extensive use of drones in business life - conducting routine surveys from construction to agriculture. Once the domain of qualified aviation fixed and rotary wing pilots, this has fundamentally changed whereby companies can now train their own employees as pilots with specific skills required for their business.


ASG has developed a market leading, near real time survey capability. Using the latest drone technology and post flight data analysis, we can provide you with:

  • Orthomosaic Projections
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • 3 Dimensional Models
  • Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
  • Aerial pictures




More Information


ASG is an established consultancy company providing Programme / Project Management and specialist technical and acquisition support to Defence, Security and Civil aviation sectors. Whilst we primarily focus on both manned and unmanned aviation sectors, we also apply our broad range of skills and experiences to other business sectors. We position highly qualified and experienced specialist technical consultants within your business assisting it to grow in a responsive, safe and cost effective manner. If you are interested in joining our great team of consultants, please send your encrypted or password protected CV to




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I have an aviation background but it was some time ago - and I needed quite a bit of coaching and mentoring. In my opinion ASG has exceptional expertise and is one of the best qualified NQE's in the industry. I found the whole experience highly supportive and friendly - and the insights invaluable.

Richard W.

I never realised how much there was to learn. ASG were great and made sure that training was just the right standard for novices whilst making sure I passed all required subjects to support my commercial operations application to the CAA.

David H.

We are extremely pleased to have ASG in support of our operations. They are thorough, knowledgeable and extremely reliable in providing timely safety advice and regulatory guidance.


I would like to thank you and the team for getting me through Ground School. Apart from a great deal of useful, interesting learning, it was very enjoyable, too!


Just wanted to say a huge thanks for guiding us through the whole process so professionally and for being so flexible. Both course and assessment were enjoyable throughout - and a great learning opportunity for us. The additional guidance given by ASG saved us a huge amount of time and sped up the application process significantly. Thanks again!

- Tony Wakefield, Operations Director, Air-TS

A hugely enjoyable and informative course. The Drone Awareness Course was perfect for someone new to drone flying such as myself. The amount of information gained in 3 hours was invaluable. The manner of teaching made learning effortless, stress-free and enjoyable. The course instructor, Chad, was very knowledgeable, even with detailed questions that were thrown at him. By the end of the course I felt confident operating a drone while understanding the important safety aspects. I would highly recommend this short course to anyone who wanted to gain confidence with operating a new drone, wanted to work towards taking the full ASG PfCO course, or who was simply interested in learning more about drone flying and have a go themselves. Brilliant.

Paul S.

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